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Turning 40 and starting a family travel blog

Last Saturday I turned 40 and what a whirlwind it has been up till now. I’ve been really lucky with a great support system consisting of close relatives, friends and lots of great colleagues that I’m close with. I also have two beautiful sons and a supporting partner. Oh, and we both have jobs that we love and that makes sure that we can provide ourselves with all we need and live in a house that we love. And let’s not forget that it gives us the chance to travel the world and experience new cultures.

My creative man makes the best websites and animations for a living and he taught me how to work with Adobe InDesign. One of my hobbies is making digital photo albums of our travels. I previously used Albelli (internationally known as Bonusprint) to make them. Great quality prints, lots of options and also very user friendly. If you’re interested in starting your collection of photo albums, whether of travels or family oriented, I highly recommend them. But I wanted my very own style and started using InDesign which gave me the freedom of coming up with my own templates. I found a printing business that prints my albums ever since.

Relive travel memories

Whenever I feel (un)inspired, melancholic or blue I flip through the albums and relive all of the beautiful memories. The same goes for Instagram. Instagram has been a source of inspiration for me since 2015 (yes, I was late to the game). At first I just checked out other people’s adventures, but later on I changed my profile name to @sascrossingcountries and started posting my own travel pics. I enjoyed doing that, especially writing the captions. It’s not just about the pictures for me, but also about telling the story behind them.

While on maternity leave in the spring of last year (when I was far from bored, but was missing being useful at work) I was daydreaming about my own travel blog. My Instagram wasn’t attracting lots of followers, but that wasn’t and still isn’t the point. It’s about doing what I love. Sharing my travel stories, tips and tricks and pictures. So with that in mind the idea of a travel blog was growing on me.

This January I decided to go for it. It was time for action! I asked my guy to help me with creating a template. I love how the design turned out. He created it exactly as I pictured it in my head and I’m really proud of it and appreciative of him.

Launch of the travel blog

And here we are, during the week I’ve turned 40 (March 2019), my blog has launched. A great moment in my life to start a travel blog. With loads of experience with solo traveling and family traveling behind me and hopefully loads of adventures to come, I hope to inspire readers as lots of other bloggers have inspired me. I will focus on family traveling, specifically road tripping as family. Years of experience and I love to share these experiences. So I hope you will enjoy reading my blog posts.

Contact or work with me

If you have any tips for me and/or questions, personal ones or about my posts you can always e-mail me. This also applies to other travel bloggers or companies who wish to work with me.

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About me Sas Crossing Countries

Hi, I’m Saskia!

I travel the world with my family of 4 and write about our adventures.

Sas Crossing Countries is a family travel blog. It’s created to inspire other parents to travel the world with their kids. Gift your kids the world! It’s the most valuable present you can give them.

With all the experience I have as a traveling parent I’ve got lots of tools and tips for you. So on this site you’ll not only find family travel blog posts, you can also download FREE pocket guides, travel checklists and eBooks from my resources page.

All that I share can be used to plan your own ultimate family road trip!

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    Saskia posted on 09 Mar 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Thanks Bj?rn, nu hoor ik ook bij de club :). En leuk dat je me blijft volgen!!

    Saskia posted on 09 Mar 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Thanks lieve Ir, iedere zondag komt er eentje online (morgen dus alweer :) ). Ik ben heel blij met het resultaat. Thijs heeft er echt iets moois van gemaakt. X

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