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Check out GoT filming locations in Dubrovnik

A few weeks ago my friend and I went to Dubrovnik. That immediately brings me to my first tip: if you want to avoid visiting this beautiful town along with 10.000 others, but also have moderately good weather, you should go in April. It was still busy during the first weekend of April, but there wasn’t a cruise ship in sight and we didn’t have to wait in line for a table or any of the sights.

I will blog about the must-sees in Dubrovnik at a later time. This blog is meant for Game of Thrones fans or enthousiasts. Not a family travel blog post, like everything else I write about. Being a huge Game of Thrones fanatic the series is all we have, because we still have a long wait to go before George R.R. Martin finishes The Winds Of Winter. Let alone his last book of the series.

Filming locations all over the city

You don’t really have to search for GoT locations, you run into them everywhere. It’s hard to avoid, it’s a good thing that avoiding them wasn’t our thing.

This post is for the GoT fans that want to see the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to the locations in the series. What’s a set and what isn’t? And for those who are planning on visiting Dubrovnik and want to know where to find the Red Keep and the House of the Undying.

This is by no means a complete list, but it might help you quench your thirst for anything GoT-related.

Locations to spot along the City Walls

I’m talking about the world famous walls surrounding Dubrovnik. The walls run a course of 1,940 meters and encircles most of the old city and that’s why this is the place where you can spot multiple filming locations. So let’s start here. Buy your tickets for the City Walls and be prepared to hike up loads of steps, get picture perfect views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea and spot those GoT filming locations.

House of the Undying

When you start your walk and are admiring the view of the harbor and the island of Lokrum you walk along the wall right up to the Minčeta Tower. This is the tower where Daenerys kept walking around in search of the entrance to the House of the Undying, where her baby dragons were held hostage by the warlocks of Qarth.

Lancel and the Sparrows arrest Loras

This is the place where Lancel Lannister and the Sparrows arrests Loras Tyrell for “acts of sexual perversions”. You will spot this place just after walking past Minčeta Tower. You have to look down a bit and you will see a small green area just below you. Glimpse and you’ll miss it.

Sansa and Shae sitting on the dock of the bay

The Minčeta Tower is where you turn to the left for a different view of the Adriatic Sea and after walking along for a few meters you will spot a long but small dock in Pile Bay. This is the spot where Sansa and Shae where watching ships leaving Blackwater Bay when Petyr Baelish came up to them to tell Sansa how he’s planning on bringing her back to her family.

The Red Keep (inside)

When spotting the dock you will surely also get your first view of Fort Lovrijenac. I can’t show you pics of the filming locations inside this fort, also known as St. Lawrence Fortress, because we didn’t go there. But this is what it looks like from the wall. In the series the fort is used as the Red Keep and the bay is called Blackwater Bay. You will spot this place more than once on your screen while watching GoT, but you get a real good look at it during the scene where Myrcella leaves Kings Landing by boat to go to Dorne. Only the inside of the fort is used as the Red Keep. The real Red Keep was made with CGI and projected onto Fort Bokar.

The Red Keep (CGI outside)

Just a few 100 meters further you can lean on the city wall at the exact same spot Tyrion and Varys did while waiting for Stannis Baratheon’s attack and discussing how to beat him. In the distance you will see Fort Bokar in real life, while during this shot you will see The Red Keep projected onto Fort Bokar.

View of Kings Landing

When you’ve almost completed your round on the City Walls and you admire the island of Lokrum from afar, turn around and watch the Old Town. You will get almost the exact same view that Cersei had while looking at the Sept of Baelor, standing in her room in the Red Keep, right before it exploded at her command. The Sept of Baelor is also a product of CGI, so don’t look for it.

Locations to spot in the Old Town

Next up I will show you the filming locations in the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Protesting the Lannisters

A minute or two after entering the Old Town from Ploce Gate (where Cersei ended her Walk of Shame) you run into a familiar staircase. This is the staircase where Tyrion and Bronn spot a protester speeching against the Lannister family and they stop to listen to it for a while. The original door wasn’t used. Instead they placed a fake wooden door against it. The rest of the spot is pretty recognizable.

Spice King’s Mansion

Another two minute walk and you walk onto Stradun (the main street of the Old Town). If you take a left turn you walk right by Rector’s Palace. This was the scenery of the mansion of the Spice King where Daenerys asks him for ships and he declines.

Funeral of Tywin Lannister

The Jesuits staircase in the Old Town is almost a series regular. There are lots of scenes where the Lannisters walk up and down these stairs. For this reference I choose the scene where Cersei wants to have a few minutes alone with her father just before he will be buried. The scene starts with her taking a moment while staring at the Sept of Baelor, just before she walks up the stairs to have this one last moment with her father.

Walk Of Shame

One of the most iconic scenes of the whole show was Cersei’s Walk Of Shame. So many spots in the Old Town were used that I could’ve posted about 20 pics here, but I’ve chosen the Jesuits staircase again. It was where she started her walk and was unrobed just before she descended down the stairs.

That’s it! My GoT moments in Dubrovnik.

Of course we also visited the Official GoT store, bought souvenirs and sat in the replica of the Iron Throne (where you can only sit in after you’ve bought something). It’s worth a visit!

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