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Visiting the Temples of Angkor

Visiting the Temples of Angkor

Angkor Wat is an awe-inspiring place to visit. There are so many temple complexes to check out, that you'll need at least three days to explore. And the great thing is that kids will have no problem enjoying the sights as much as you will. They will spot the most amazing creatures and faces cut out in the walls of the complexes, while you admire the temples themselves. When we visited Angkor we had three days and when you really take the time to admire the complexes you can roam through approximately three big complexes and two or three small ones. We choose to visit three big ones and one small one, because we also wanted time to chill in our beautiful AirBnB villa named Meru in a quieter area of Siem Reap. We also spend some time in Siem Reap and went zip lining.

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