Facts about Cambodia

Over 100 temples make up Angkor Archaeological Park

The brutal Khmer Rouge era took place from 1975-1979

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world

Their flag is the only with a building

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia

The capital city is Phnom Penh

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Best Angkor Temples to visit with kids - blog post

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Best Angkor Temples to visit with kids

Best Angkor Temples to visit with kids

Angkor Wat is an awe-inspiring place to visit. There are so many temple complexes to check out, that you'll need at least 3 days to explore. And the great thing is that kids will enjoy the sights as much as you.

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Background info

The temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Banteay Srey, all located in Angkor Archaeological Park, are amongst the most photographed UNESCO World Heritage listed sites in the world. But there is more to Cambodia than Angkor.

Visit the beautiful Royal Palace in capital Phnom Penh and learn about the brutal Khmer Rouge era (1975-1979) by visiting the killing fields and the Tuol Sleng museum. And check out the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, Tonle Sap.

When you’re a beach lover, there are many white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Thailand and on the islands right of the coast here.

Cambodia is often overlooked as a family travel destination. Such a pity for a country that has so much to offer. You’ll leave Cambodia wanting more. The people are warm, the food is great and child friendly, the temples worth exploring and the (recent) history lessons harsh, but essential.

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