Facts about Hungary

The Hungarian parliament building is the 3rd largest in the world

70 million liters of thermal waters come into the Budapest thermal springs daily

Paprika is the national spice and has 2 museums dedicated to it in the country

The national dish is a hearty and delicious stew called goulash

World famous escape artist Harry Houdini is a Hungarian

Hungary has the most thermal springs in the world

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Background info

Hungary is a European country located in Central Europe. The population is almost 10 million. Budapest is its capital city and is split by the Danube river into Buda and Pest. About 1.7 million people live in the capital.

It is one of the few landlocked countries in Central Europe and it shares borders with 7 countries: Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Giving your kid an exotic or rare name is not easy in Hungary. The government has to approve the name of your child, before you can registrate it legally. This is to preserve Hungarian culture, which is why there’s a list to choose from with mostly names that are native in nature. The other reason is that the government wants to prevent people from choosing names that can make it difficult as they mature. You won’t find Hungarians named Paris, Psalm or Apple here.