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Cinque Terre, five of Italy

Cinque Terre, five of Italy's most colorful villages

One of my favorite countries is Italy. A country I try to visit yearly. One Italian destination in particular was on my bucketlist for years and this year I can finally scratch it off the list: Cinque Terre. Five fishing villages on the Ligurian coast that can be found in between the cities of Pisa and Genua. What is special about these villages is that they are built on the cliffs and the houses are painted in the most vivid colors. It is hard not to fall in love with Cinque Terre!

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Best cities to visit in Italy

Best cities to visit in Italy

My family and I have been to Italy many times already. We love the people and the landscapes are so diverse that it seems like you're driving into another country every other hour. And the food, oh mamma mia, the food is absolutely amazing. I have to say that I haven't eaten that good in any other country, including my own. The cities are actually open air museums. Turn a corner, it doesn't matter which one, and you'll be mesmerized by what you see. Every time you go back to Italy you'll get enchanted all over again. And so will your kids. So here it is, a post about the best cities to visit with kids in Italy. One of our favorite European countries.

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