Facts about Scotland

Even though Edinburgh is the capital, Glasgow is the largest city

It's been part of the UK since the signing of the Act of Union in 1707

College is free, there are no college fees for students

Watt gave his name to a unit of energy & invented the steam engine

But that's not all, Scot James Watt also came up with horsepower as a measurement

The story goes that more sheep than people live in this country

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City Guide: Edinburgh with kids

City Guide: Edinburgh with kids

Looking for the ideal European city for a short weekend break? Visit Scotland's Edinburgh. With castles and underground vaults to explore, your family will surely be entertained. And let's not forget that you can find lots of Harry Potter references here. Like the school that's supposedly the inspiration for Hogwarts and a graveyard filled with names added to the Potter franchise.

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Background info

Scotland is a country in Europe and is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain alongside, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It occupies about one-third of the UK. About 5.2 million people live in Scotland.

Its capital is Edinburgh. The Royal family owns a palace here, called Holyroodhouse.

The Scottish word for lakes is Loch and they have a lot of them here, more than 31.000! One of them being the famous Loch Ness, supposedly being used as a house by Nessie. A creature part of the Scottish folklore.

This country has an interesting national animal. One that doesn’t exist, namely the unicorn. Two other Scottish symbols are world famous, the bagpipe and men with kilts. Mostly the two go together, as men in kilts play the bagpipe.