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There’s a lot to plan, before you’re ready to embark on your family road trip. It can get quite stressful, because you have to decide where to go, arrange flights, book transportation and accommodation, get travel insurance, getting your prescription meds on time, apply for the right travel visa and so on. On this page I will share lots of tips and tools to make the planning easier for you and your family. Take whatever you need from this page and also don’t forget to subscribe to my free resource library and newsletter. There are more goodies available for me to share with you, so make sure you’ll be the first to know about them and get your hands on them while they’re still hot!

Booking accommodation - view of the pyramids

Booking Accommodation

  • My go to booking sites when it comes to hotels are Booking.com Agoda and Expedia. Both allow you to pick your accommodation based on price, location, family friendliness and of course ratings by guests.
  • TripAdvisor is a great way to search for hotels, guest houses, hostels and accommodation all over the world. And they will offer you with a list of all the booking sites that offer a stay at the accommodation of your choice, so you can pick the one with the best price!
  • AirBnB remains a great way to find locally owned and unique accommodations all around the world. We really like to stay in somebody else’s home. When AirBnB first started out this type of accommodation wasn’t hard to find. Nowadays you really have to read through the guest ratings to make sure you’re actually staying in someone’s home or is a fulltime rental home. But believe me, you can still find cosy homes of people who rent out their homes from time to time. Just watch out for the extra costs for cleaning and other services.
  • When you’re looking for the most beautiful vacation rental homes another great tip is Vrbo. With over 2 million rental homes, you won’t have any problem finding one that suits your family!
  • Hostelworld is the best option when looking for hostels all over the world!
Renting a campervan online


  • Discover Cars a great place to find a rental car for your next road trip! After you’ve read some of the many road trip articles on this site, hopefully this will help you plan your trip if your opting to go with a rental car.
  • 12Go will help you book different methods of transportation for your next family road trip. They operate worldwide, but offer the best options when traveling through South-East Asia or Australia. Get tickets for bus, ferry, train or taxi!
  • When booking a (4WD) campervan or caravan I prefer to do a deep search on Google. I avoid the largest companies, but go for smaller ones with great reviews. It’s my experience that if your stuck out on the road, the smaller companies will offer better service. The bigger companies will easily sell out during high season which means they have to tend to the needs of many customers, which can lead to endless calls directed to voicemails and grumpy customer service. We always got way better service from smaller companies who rely on mouth to mouth advertising and aren’t on Google’s first page.

Travel insurance

We never leave on a trip without the proper travel insurance. We believe that travel insurance is essential to protect you from unforeseen scenarios. For instance, when you break your camera or lose something valuable. But also when a close relative passes away and you need to fly home, your travel insurance can cover the costs. Lastly, you might have a great medical insurance that covers medical costs while traveling. But if this is not the case, there’s a good chance your travel insurance will cover your bills.

Everyone has different needs and wants, so it’s important to pick the best travel insurance for your family. Decide what type of travel insurance you need based on the following:

  • Do you travel more than twice a year? Look into 24/7 coverage
  • Are your kids added to the insurance?
  • Did you recently add a baby to the bunch? Don’t forget to let your insurance company know, so they can add your child to the plan.
  • Are the countries you’re visiting included in the insurance? Some high risk locations might be excluded from coverage.
  • If you’re planning on skiing, paragliding, snowboarding or any other activities that insurance companies might find risky, then check if they cover any and all health care expenses related to these activities.
  • If you hire a car, campervan or caravan make sure you add the right insurance and mileage to the rental plan.

Four insurance companies that are worth checking out are World Nomads, Travelex, Safety Wing and Heymondo.

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  • Get Your Guide and Viator are great ways to find day trips and excursions for your trip. You can either plan ahead or book on the day and find local day trips. The guest ratings make it easier for you to find the ethical companies with great reviews.

eSim cards

  • Stay connected all over the world by buying an eSim from Airalo. Airalo is a one-stop shop for global, regional (Europe, for instance) and local (country) eSims. You can buy the eSim before your trip so you are connected the minute you arrive at your destination.

Traveling with medication

  • Bring your medication passport
  • Take your pills and medical equipment with you in their original and correctly labelled packages
  • Carry your medicine in your hand luggage with a copy of your prescription
  • If you or any of your family members take medication that fall under the Opium Law (aka Opium Act), you should take appropriate action well before embarking on your trip. Since my family and I have lots of experience with this, I’ve wrote a helpful article about traveling with meds that fall under the Opium Law.

Travel Advice From The Community

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