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The Adventure Book

A true family favorite is The Adventure Book. A Dutch company that sells travel products that will spark your wanderlust and keep those travel memories alive. They sell beautiful travel journals with pages for you to fill up with all your family’s travel adventures. All 196 independent countries in the world and the 50 states in the USA have a spot in The Adventure Book for you to fill!

We own the original journal, but there’s also an ultimate traveler’s edition and a Europe edition. We love scrapbooking in it and also bought sticker sets and a wooden stamp set.

This is the ultimate travel gift for every member of your family. Happy journaling!

LARQ self-cleaning water bottle

Our family thinks it’s very important to travel as sustainably as we can. Flying is pretty bad, so we try to use products that are the better choice for the environment.

For a long time we’ve been searching for the best water bottle to bring on the road with us. In most of the world you can’t drink directly from the tap. And while we don’t want to buy bottled water, to reduce waste, we sometimes had to. There wasn’t a bottle we thought was safe enough to let our kids drink from.

We loved our Lifestraw, but it didn’t filter out viruses. That’s why in some parts of the world we had to buy bottled water again. But in 2020 we discovered the Larq and that was a game changer for us.

The Larq is a self-cleaning (yes, that’s a big plus while on the road!) water bottle that uses UV technology to eradicate bacteria and viruses. Push the button on top of the bottle and in 60 seconds the water is clean. Are you somewhere where the water is very filthy? Push the button twice for an even better result.

The insulated version keeps cold water cold for 24 hours and hot water hot for 12 hours. We wanted a large lightweight bottle to drink tap water from. That’s why our bottle of choice is the Larq Movement Pure Vis, a non-insulated version.

This is a must bring item for us on the road. We used it to drink tap water in Mexico, Egypt and many other places. We highly recommend it!

Enjoy The Wood World Map

We absolutely love everything about traveling and own globes, atlasses, scratch world maps and wooden world maps. Our youngest even has wall paper of a world map.

One of the most beautiful pieces we own is a 3D wooden world map (size XL) from Enjoy The Wood.

The quality is amazing. You can buy different kind of push pins to add to your map and showcase where your family has been.

We absolutely love this beautiful piece of art in our living room and it also helps your kids with geography.

Travel Books for parents & kids

Our family loves books and that also includes books about traveling. When prepping for a family trip we visit a lot of travel blogs, but we also always buy a Lonely Planet guidebook of the destination(s) we’re heading to.

We own a lot of books that are aimed at traveling with kids or are meant to teach kids something about the country they’re going to visit. But the general topic of travel is not overlooked. There are some awesome (coffee table) books that we all love to turn the pages of regularly. To spark our wanderlust or learn something about the world.

I’ve added all of our favorite travel related books in my shop at Bookshop.org. When you click this link you will not only be able to get more info on the books, but you will also be able to buy them directly through Bookshop.

Why buy your books via Bookshop?

Bookshop works with independent booksellers all over the world. They believe local bookstores are essential community hubs that foster culture, curiosity, and a love of reading, and they’re committed to helping them thrive. And we completely agree with the mission of Bookshop!

Every purchase you make financially supports independent bookstores. Bookshop.org gives independent bookstores tools to compete online and financial support to help them maintain their presence in local communities. Since this isn’t the case at companies like Amazon, it’s beneficial for independent booksellers if we all buy our books at their stores or via Bookshop.org.

Jungle Culture

When traveling we leave a footprint. The smallest carbon footprint is left when using public transportation like buses and trains. Taking a flight or driving alone are the most carbon-intensive options. Since our family leaves a huge footprint every time we travel, we always look for ways to compensate as much as we can.

One way is by compensating for our emissions by carbon offsetting. The second way is to avoid as much (single use) plastics in our daily life as well as while on the road. We stopped buying single use water bottles and only use our Larq. But there’s more that we do and I’d like to share one of our family favorites: Jungle Culture!

Jungle Culture creates earth-friendly and functional goods sourced directly from independent artisans & makers from all over the world. They believe in fair and honest manufacturing and make a point of building lasting relationships with the local communities that they work with.

We love the products, not only because they’re earth friendly, but also because the products are responsibly sourced. With every purchase you support small and rural manufacturers in developing communities.

Our favorite Jungle Culture products? We all use their body bars, bamboo toothbrushes and hairbrushes daily. The bamboo cutlery and straws travel with us wherever we go and my partner and I also swear by their safety razor and shaving soap bars.

Book a trip

Here are links that will lead you to our favorite booking sites. We love to use Expedia for international flights and 12Go when we want to fly domestically in many parts of the world. Booking.com is our go to source for accommodation. Discover Cars is our go to source for rental cars. And we use Get Your Guide and Viator to book excursions and activities.

When traveling with kids you can’t leave on a trip without travel insurance. We use Heymondo. Would you like to reduce the cost of your trip or trips a little? Just for being a Sas Crossing Countries reader, you’ll get a 5% discount on all of Heymondo’s plans. You don’t need a code. The discount will be applied automatically when you get a quote here.



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