Facts about Europe

Vatican City, landlocked by Italy, is the world's smallest country

Russia and Turkey straddle both Europe and Asia

Paris' Louvre museum is the most visited attraction in Europe

32 official languages are spoken here

Russia is the largest country in the world

It's the 2nd smallest continent in the world

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Background info

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It is the largest country in the Nordic Region with the biggest population. Stockholm is its capital city. A little over 10 million people live here, but only less of half of them living in cities.

It is a constitutional monarchy that is a part of the European Union. However, it did keep its own currency, the Krona. Sweden is not a member of NATO.

Sweden is known to be a progressive country. They are driven to change the world for the better. As a result they are highly successful in reducing waste (by over 90%!), In the same way being great examples for other countries worldwide as for as equality for the Swedes that are part of the LGBTQI+ community is concerned. Sweden also offers great social welfare and parental leave for mothers as well as fathers.

Swedish music is well known all over the world. Acts like ABBA, Aqua, Roxette, Robyn and Avicii are the most famous acts. But the country is also home to music producers that have worked for global superstars. Like Max Martin who worked with artists like Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Bryan Adams. And Shellback who produced songs for Pink, Usher, Britney Spears, Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift.

63% of Sweden is forest, which makes it the ideal country for a quiet, outdoorsy holiday in the fresh air of the forests.

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