5 things to do in Sukhothai with kids

Sukhothai is an ancient Siamese city in Northern Thailand. It used to be the capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom. The Sukhothai province is still very much worth a visit with your family. Even though it’s not as well known as Ayutthaya. But it’s just as impressive and that without hordes of tourists. You can easily add this site to your itinerary for 2 or 3 days, as part of an ultimate road trip through Thailand. Did I make you curious? Read on for 5 things to do in Sukhothai with kids.

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5 things to do in Koh Samet with kids

Koh Samet (sometimes spelled as Koh Samed) is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand in the Rayong province of, you guessed it, Thailand. There’s no better way to end an ultimate road trip through Thailand than with a little beach vacation.

Since Koh Samet is located about 220 km from Bangkok it’s the ideal spot to end an epic trip in Thailand.

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8 things to do in Chiang Mai with kids

Chiang Mai is a unique blend of Thai and Western culture and almost everyone speaks English. It’s less big and less crowded, but just as amazing as Bangkok. It offers tons of family friendly adventures. In and around this wonderful city you can check out lots of temples (they call Chiang Mai Temple City for a reason), take cooking classes, go on gorgeous hikes, enjoy scenic bike rides and take a flight over the treetops while zip lining through the rainforest. Enough to keep the kids and their parents entertained and happy, don’t you think?

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10 things to do in Bangkok with kids

Bangkok is one of the most exciting places in Thailand to visit. But is the capital suitable for children?

The Thai call Bangkok Krung Thep, which means City of Angels. That sounds innocent enough, but with its reputation for ladyboys and seedy bars, it may not seem like the obvious choice. It is a melting pot of culture, amazing cuisine, dust, chaos and a vibrant nightlife. But it also offers plenty of fun filled attractions for kids. And with its ancient temples, rooftop restaurants, shopping malls and street food stalls it offers something for the whole family.

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Ultimate Road Trip Guide: Jordan

Jordan is a relatively small country in the Middle East with a population of circa 8 million people. The main tourist attractions are Petra, Wadi Rum, coastal city Aqaba and Amman. You can visit all the must sees in 10 days. Jordan is safe and quite easy to travel around in. The Jordanians are very welcoming to kids and Jordan as a whole is a great first introduction for them of the Middle East. Picture your kids running through the desert on one day and exploring Roman ruins on the next. And picture yourself diving in the Red Sea on one day and living out your child fantasy of being Indiana Jones for a day in Petra on the next.

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